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How It Works

While ice decreases pain and inflammation, it can also decrease blood flow and stiffen muscles.  Adding massage improves blood flow, enhancing the removal of lactic acid, cytokines and injured tissue, while vibrational massage reduces pain and loosens stiff muscles.  FDA cleared VibraCool® puts cold and vibration together for the first time!

The Gate Control Theory of Pain Relief

The gate control mechanism is the basis for VibraCool®.  "Gate control” refers to your body's response to movement or temperature.  The spinal cord will close a "gate" on pain sensations when vibration or cold is sensed. Nerve sensations of temperature (c fibers) or vibration (a beta fibers) combine in the spine to send one message to the brain.

Just as running a burn under cold water stops the burn, stimulating cold receptors can dull pain.  This helpful video explains it in terms of cars.

Ice frozen solid also induces Descending Noxious Inhibitory Control, or DNIC, reducing pain by taking up bandwidth in the pain-processing area of the brain and sending inhibitory signals down to block pain throughout the body.