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VibraCool is FDA cleared for temporary relief of aches and injuries on contact and is clinically proven effective.. We combine two physiologic methods, high frequency vibration and ice, to relieve pain. VibraCool technology pairs a concave, palm sized unit with specially designed ice packs that attach securely to the back.  Place VibraCool directly where it hurts, adding effectiveness to medical or sports training icing and relieving joint pain, general aches and injuries.

Research shows that high frequency vibration can help healing, and putting cold on pain is as old as ice itself. The innovative combination is curved to fit on running injuries or carpal tunnel pain, and can be secured with a Velcro strap (included) around aching knees, elbows, ankles or wrists. 

Add some pizzazz to your normal injury icing routine, and use VibraCool technology to buzz it better! Testimonials have been incredible.